Special Announcement – Last update: May 1, 2020

All in-studio Tai Chi classes on the school’s regular Weekly Schedule were suspended effective Monday March 16, 2020, due to considerations related to public health / coronavirus / Covid-19. It is not yet clear when in-studio classes will resume.

Lenzie taught a small number of classes remotely from March 31 through the month of April (via the online video/audio conference platform “Zoom”). The classes taught on the April schedule have ended.

Beginning Saturday May 2, Zoom-based remote instruction will be offered for most (but not all) classes on the school’s regular schedule. See the Classes page of this website for a listing of Zoom-based, online classes offered beginning May 2, 2020. Classes are likely to be offered in this format and on this schedule through mid-June, the end of the Spring session. Whether summer session classes (beginning in July) will be offered remotely, in the studio, or as a mix of remote and in-studio instruction, will be determined in late May. Updates will be posted here, on the school’s website.

To participate in remote classes and receive information about how to connect via Zoom, students need to fill out a simple online form. Information about how to participate in remote classes will be communicated only via e-mail, and only to those who fill out the online form. Please click this link to fill out the form. [If you already filled out the form for the classes that began on March 31, there is no need to fill it out a second time: you will be updated via e-mail about the classes that will be offered on May 2.]

Please continue to check this web page regularly for further updates.

Lenzie offers this message to all his students:

Dearest Tai Chi students and Tai Chi family,

With sadness and regret I must announce the temporary discontinuation of Tai Chi classes in response to the current public health crisis (coronavirus / Covid-19). I encourage you all to do your “best” in paying attention to hygiene and protection protocol, and maintaining and possibly increasing your Tai Chi practice. When you “seek” refinement in the practice, you will elicit the best of the mind-body connection, resulting in the greatest results of the Chi development process. When you seek to utilize and cultivate your “Spiritual” practices, they do much to “strengthen” your BODY, HEART, MIND, AND SPIRIT, AS WELL. Sending you much LOVE and LIGHT in this challenging time.




2020 workshops: Lenzie is offering two online workshops in June 2020, one organized by the St. Louis Tai Chi Association; the other by Glen Echo T’ai Chi in Maryland. More information on the Workshops page of this site. Please check this space later in the year for updates on 2020 workshops to be offered in the Fall.

(Note on cancelled Walker Creek Ranch workshop: the 22nd annual Tai Chi Summer Camp in Marin County, California, originally scheduled for mid-June, has been cancelled due to the coronavirus / public health crisis.)

In early August 2019, Lenzie Williams wrote a letter to his students, friends, and others on the challenges of the current times and how we can respond.

Lenzie Williams prepared Thoughts on the passing of Laoshi Ben Lo for a November 2018 gathering in memory of his teacher, organized by Joanne Chang of the WuWei Tai Chi Club in Rockville, Maryland. Laoshi Lo passed away on 12 October 2018.

LenzieWilliams_FivePrinciples_2013_500pxTai Chi Berkeley is the school of instructor Lenzie Williams, a senior student of Laoshi Lo Pang Jeng (Mr. Ben Lo) since 1975. Ongoing group and private classes in the art of Tai Chi Chuan are taught in Berkeley, California. Workshops are offered throughout the year, in the United States and Europe.

The form of Tai Chi Chuan taught and practiced at Tai Chi Berkeley is a shortened Yang-family form developed by Professor Cheng Man Ch’ing, who learned the art of Tai Chi from Yang family master Yang Cheng-fu.

School Philosophy

“Tai Chi is such an incredibly multi-faceted art and diverse art form,” writes instructor Lenzie Williams, “with many areas of potential development. This school represents an environment where people are carefully taught the important basics and fundamentals of the art, then are encouraged and supported in working at whatever level and pace they choose (some students stay in the beginning class for two years, as I did with my teacher, or even longer). Individuals working with health, Lenzie Williams and students from the Saturday morning class, January 2019rehabilitation, and healing issues will find much improvement. Those needing to get in touch with their bodies, to get more grounded and centered, and to cultivate relaxation as an antidote to stress will find much benefit from this practice. For those seeking their development through the Way of Wu Shu (martial training) and Wu Te (martial virtue and philosophy), Tai Chi Berkeley is a safe and cooperative, yet a challenging and developmentally rich, arena in which to cultivate this aspect of the Art. Perhaps most importantly, the school offers a Way, a Path, an Approach to a very unique process of development of Body, Heart, Mind, and Spirit. This school holds the Context in which we come together as individuals on our unique journeys to work as a group (synergy Principle) through the Art of Tai Chi Chuan, to contribute to our classmates’ development and our own Self-Cultivation, thereby allowing us to actualize the best and most of our potential as human beings.”



For information not provided on this site, please contact Lenzie Williams.